FileMaker Conversion (Upgrading in a Nutshell)

To convert (multiple) fp5 files to the latest version follow these steps*

1. Run DDR in v5.5 or 6
2. Make sure all file have same full access password
3. Run MetadataMagic on solution if possible
4. Purge unused elements
5. Make sure unique names for relationships/layouts/valuelists/scripts before conversion
6. Name relationships like this: client_INVOICE_st_cre_det
7.  Record all layouts visible to user
8. Record scripts visible to user
9. Some scripts will need a Goto Layout added to the start to work properly in consolidated solution
10. Manage moving to layouts and back to original when running External scripts
11. Consolidate Value Lists
12. Change field names to standard
13. Use FMv11 to convert files from fp5 to fp7
14. Convert to fmp12 using FM12/13/14
15. Copy and paste TABLES into single main file (review import.log created after this)
16. Add relationships
17. Fix field errors (auto-enter/calculations/lookups)
18. Add layouts with exactly the same names as used in original individual files and set form or list / print margins
19. Add value lists (consolidate where possible)
20. Import scripts from files (errors in import.log)
21. Copy and paste layout elements into new layouts
22. Set tab orders
23. Change any external script references to internal (consolidate)
24. Set up custom menus if required
25. Also check the following:

  • Review Go to Related Record calls to ensure you are in the correct context/layout. Once consolidated the Go to Related Record may incorrectly state ‘current layout’ to the related table.
  • Review all New Record, Duplicate Record, and Set Field calls to ensure a commit record request is present to prevent record locking.
  • Check Import Records script steps
  • Export Records where a Group By is checked
  • Custom Functions, if going from FileMaker 8 or higher
  • Adjust Window Hide, remove them from the files that have been consolidated or the main window will hide
  • Close File, remove them from the scripts or the main file will close.
  • Any field validation may need to be reviewed as in .fp7 field validation occurs when any field is modified and the field may not be present on the layout.

* Based on a USA-based dbservices article.