FileMaker 16 - New Features

Almost all the new features in the newly released FileMaker version 16 are focussed on the developer. End users will benefit though, as developers implement new powerful features in current and new systems. 

Layout Objects window Get a hierarchical list of all objects on your layout. Select an object and instantly make a change without having to ungroup the set. Plus, easily find stacked or hidden objects on your layout.
Cards In one easy step, create windows that are automatically sized and placed appropriately on the main screen. Users can open other windows or files without having to first close the card.
New FileMaker Pro interface on Windows OS Get a more native Windows OS experience on FileMaker Pro with the brand-new user interface.
Copy and paste value lists Save valuable development time with the ability to copy and paste value lists in FileMaker Pro.
Variables in FileMaker data source references Dynamically open hosted FileMaker files by specifying a variable when choosing a file path.
Enhanced cURL options With more than 90 cURL options to choose from, easily create detailed HTTP/HTTPS network calls to request JSON data from other applications via REST APIs.
JSON functions Use predefined functions to simplify parsing and generating JSON data requested from other data sources.
External script steps Extend the capabilities of third-party plug-ins with support for external script steps in the FileMaker Plug-in SDK and the iOS App SDK.
Clickable security lock icons Get more details about the security of your network connection, such as information about SSL certificates, related details, and certificate validity.
OAuth 2.0 support for accounts Use your existing Amazon, Google, or Microsoft Azure account credentials to log in to your FileMaker-based custom apps.
Field-level text encryption Ability to encrypt text in a field.