Inspector Pro 5

Inspector Pro is a powerful tool for analysing your FileMaker database. It provides a 'database of the database' by drilling into the structure of the system. You need the advanced version of FileMaker Pro to produce a Database Design Report (DDR) that is processed by Inspector.

A useful demo video is here

Software Requirements Template

If you want to prepare a comprehensive description of what your system should do then a template like this might be handy.

Another option is for Cognitive to write a specification with you.

For small systems we can work from a high level outline of the requirements.


Connecting to FileMaker - let me count the ways

FM Academy has published a useful copy of a recent webinar on connecting to your FileMaker database. 

See the webinar here

A useful outline covering remote connection including: FileMaker Go, custom web publishing, WebDirect and other options.  

Postcode location with (not just USA)

The API service provided by is easily integrated into a FileMaker solution.

The data available can provide: Suburb from a postcode, location of a postcode and subsequently the distance between two postcodes.

Try going to this address to see the data you can get using the service (AU for Australia):


Learn more, more easily

Give someone a fish and they eat for a day.
Teach someone to fish and they eat for lifetime.
— Proverb

When you work with a computer every day you have to deal with your tools constantly changing. New operating systems, new software versions, brand new online services, changing in-house business systems… It never ends.

We support our customers through changes in a range of ways: personal training, group training, documentation, screenshots, screen-sharing and screen movies.

Learning with computer systems is often all about what is happening on the screen so sharing screen recording movies is very effective. Usually they're quick to produce and effective to use. Recordings have one key advantage over personal screen-sharing too: they're reusable.

There’s a range of software available for screen recording, we use SnapzPro for Mac and Camtasia for Windows.

A great service for learning software is Lynda. Everything on Lynda is video and they heavily utilise screen recordings. Lynda doesn't just cover a huge range of software — there are heaps of other subjects: photography, design and management for example. Check it out at

It's worth noting that the Lynda monthly subscription can be stopped and restarted as you like (remembers your lists & viewing history) to reduce the cost.

New iPhones - what to expect

The rumour mill is running hotter than usual leading up to the Apple September 10 Product Event. 

Apple are expected to release new iPhones including iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S models. 

Leaked information has included: parts, pictures, video and data. Steve Jobs would be fuming. New boss Tim Cook seems more relaxed and is even leaking a bit himself.

Anyway expected new features include:
iPhone 5S: New camera, new flash, 'gold' colour option, possible fingerprint security
iPhone 5C: Plastic, lower cost, multiple bright colours

The presentation will take place on 11 September 2013 at 3am Sydney time.

Mobile Apps - Faster, Cheaper


FileMaker allows development of custom mobile apps for business with several key advantages:

  • development is in FileMaker, a reliable database development tool from Apple
  • solutions are built on a unified database structure that can be used from Windows, Mac or iOS
  • Mobile Apps can be standalone on iPhone and /or iPad using FileMaker Go or share data with the business live
  • development is fast and changes can be made while the app is in use
  • the app data can be secured using login access-privileges

To find out how we can build your business app faster and cheaper Contact Us now

Look to your bigdata for answers

When we looked at the impact of pricing changes for a top-tier telecom we were able to use a large amount of traffic data to validate the model.
This doesn't always mean using Analytics tools to get bigdata analysis done.
Often summarising data using SQL or other database tools, then modelling on appropriate summary data will be more effective.