Your custom database

A custom database system precisely meeting your needs will make your business more effective and efficient. 

Look & Feel

The interface to your system is as important as the structure and code. All the latest graphical user interface options are available, however we keep the interface consistent and clear. That way, users need less training, enjoy using the system are more productive.

FileMaker range


We use and support the full range of FileMaker products: FileMaker Pro Advanced, FileMaker Server & FileMaker Go. We support FileMaker software right up to the latest version.

Works well with others

FileMaker provides powerful Import/Export and supports SQL. This means we can use your current data and integrate it with existing systems. We can also connect and sync with 'cloud' services via an API (Application Programming Interface.)

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Custom Fit


We create a system precisely tailored to your business requirements, with the flexibility to change.

BYO Data

Your existing data (from Excel, Access, SQL or any other data source) can be imported into (or linked to) your new system. Flexible data export is also available when you need to get data out. 

Analyse This

We provide professional systems analysis and design to streamline the development process.

At your own pace


Like many of our customers, you may prefer to implement the system in stages. Bite-sized phases with definite milestones to ensure early progress and long-term project success.

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Your FileMaker database can be simultaneously accessed by your whole team. Changes are shared instantly and backed-up automatically.



Use your Mac, Windows or iOS device (iPhone/iPad). Web browser access is also available.

Fast searching

Instant answers with fast database searching. Quick-find lets you type once and search everywhere.

Reporting for duty

Flexible custom reports exactly the way you want them, with built-in PDF creation.

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